Reading strategies are the key techniques which are used by readers to understand and catch the content they are reading better. Books and reading has always been the characteristic feature of an intelligent person. The person, who reads much, knows much and as a result understands the world around better. Evidently, it is not easy to learn reading perfectly well at once and catch the whole essential information from the text, because very often the meaning is hidden between the lines. So, in order to be able to read various texts a person should possess rich reading experience and awareness about the key genres of texts and principles of their writing.

Furthermore, the knowledge about the reading strategies is also required. Before reading the text one should preview it and get acquainted with the introductory information, the author and the think about the title, which can carry much. The next strategy is called contextualizing. It is very important, because every text is understood through the certain subjective context. Next, while reading the text one should set certain questions about its content to remember and understand it deeper. Then, every text awakes certain emotions and reflections in the reader, so one should think about his own reflections and attitude towards the text he has read. Next, it is important to make a summary of the text to define the main idea and its theme. Finally, it is useful to compare the text with the ones you have read before, because it can help you define its informative value and quality.

It is important to teach young people read every text critically to understand it better and a range of the reading strategies can be used for it. There are many reading strategies used at school and colleges but a student who is interested in the problem can brainstorm his own strategies and present them in the research proposal. The paper can be called a successful one if it contains interesting and informative content, logical structure and the brief arguments which prove that the topic is really worth the professor’s attention.

Reading Strategies

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