1. In this scene from Sleepy Hollow, a man and woman are in the center in the frame. They are the focus of the scene. Behind them in the back is a cross looking man. He seems to be possibly jealous of the attention that the woman is giving the other man. To the side in the background there are some smiling children. They seem happy about the man and the woman. The woman’s fancy dress and clothing hints to what kind of person she is. In the background there is a carved pumpkin. Maybe its Halloween time?
2. In this famous scene from the classic horror movie the Shining, Danny is riding his tricycle down a hallway to see two identical twins standing in front of him. Shocked, he stares strait ahead at them in fear. The camera takes the perspective of Danny, causing the audience to feel like they are in his shoes.
In this scene, the right and left side are almost identical. It is almost unnatural how symmetric this image is. The unnaturalness of it causes the viewer to feel creeped out. The hall way is filled with many rooms, all that look the same. This gives the viewer a sense of confusion. The hallway is very narrow and the small, meaning that Danny feels trapped and closed into his situation. The twins are at the top of the frame, showing that they are dominant and scare Danny. Danny is at the very bottom of the frame meaning that he is vulnerable.
The lights at the end of the hallway bring the viewer’s attention to the twins. The twins are wearing clothing that might be common during the time they lived. They seem very dressed up however and they stand out of place. The twins are the dominant subject of this frame. Notice that Danny is wearing red. Red is a very common color used throughout the movie whether it be the clothing of the characters, the carpet, or the red tricycle that Danny rides. The constant use of red symbolizes what is going to come: bloodshed.