Beginners Guide to Wicca Topic 3 Tools of the Trade BROOM The earliest broom were called or known as a Besom Broom

Beginners Guide to Wicca
Topic 3
Tools of the Trade


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The earliest broom were called or known as a Besom Broom. These brooms were
made from twigs tied to a handle, made from hazel. Besom Broom can be made
of various materials. These materials were straw, herbs or twigs. The broom is
connected with the Tree of Life, which is an important symbol. Many brooms are
in homes and you can find a broom hanging or standing up next to the door.
The broom is used in many cleansing to ride of negative energy, as well as used in
handfasting rituals


Wands come in many forms, and also wands can be done by hand, using materials
such as wood, or from different trees. The wand are used in divination, as well
as channeling. A wand can take the place of a Athame. Also used in casting
and recalling circles. Wands are also used in rituals, as well as taking the place
of a Athame can also take the place of the broom. Thw wand is a very powerful
tool. And and also placed on the alter.


Censor come in diferent shapes as wells hanging censor. They are used in
spells that require the burning of paper, as well in cleansing rituals. Hanging
censors are used to move around and area of choice. Censor are mainly use
for incense as well as resins.


It is said that the Cauldron is a symbol of the Goddess, as well as it represents
element of water. Black cast iron is the traditionally used. It also can be used
in spells and candles are also used in it. This is placed on the altar along with
other tools. It’s an all purpose tool.


Athame is a ceremony blade. Athame comes in many different form and
shapes. This is a witches main tool use, in many rituals in many traditions.
It’s also used to open a circle, and to close a circle. Uses are directing energy,
drawing symbols in the air. It is said the athame is a very powerful tool.


The pentacle, is the is a 5 pointed star in which also represents the 5 elements.
Which are the following Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Spirit. These is usually
worn around the neck of a witch and used as a symbol. It’s also used as
a protection when worned.


As with the Athame, it is also use in rituals, spell casting. The Boline is has a
curved blade, shaped like a cresent moon. It is used for cutting herbs, cords,
and any magical items. The boline is also concidered a magical tool. But only
used for cutting.


There are many uses for candles. Candles come in many different colors.
A candle color can represent can be used spellworkings, or even rituals.
Colors represent a lot in Wicca, like the colors of the elements, North is
black, green, or brown. East would be Yellow or White, South would be red,
or orange, West would me Blue or aqua. And as for the center, the colors wouold
white, silver, or gold. But this only if not using a God or Goddess. Candles are
also used in spell casting.


The Chalice is said to be the most important tool. It represents the
Mother Goddess. This is placed to the West, a direction of Water. Also
used as a ceremonial drink, offerings to the Divine. It can also be used
to hold salt-water solution when working with spells and rituals. A must
for any altar.

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