Clothes tore

Clothes tore, glasses broken, two loved hearts bleeding (hyperbole)
He, manic like a striking storm ?simile)
She, tranquil as a dead ditch chump
Outside the window,
The sunset dripped into the horizon
Wuthering, wuthering the cold wind,
Announced the end of a day

She wants to drive the winter away from him
To choose the right coat,
She took her best male friend with her
While he appeared without a word,
his eyes were filled with envy
He shouted too loudly that hurt his throat

The most heartbreaking moment,
was seeing her shopping with others
The most heartbreaking misunderstanding,
Was solving at the inopportune date
Some say, love comes like mountains( alliteration)
Some say, love left is as light as wisp of smoke
Loving is till suffering the lovers
But, the hearts broke