Entry 1

Entry 1 : Social Issues
“Study smart . Finish degree . Get a job and lived happily”
Sound familiar ?
Every year,over 200,00 students graduate from institutions of higher learning.Surprisingly,1 out of 5 graduates remain unemployed,with the majority being degree holders.So,here’s the truth that being an university graduate are no longer guarantees you a job. As the number of graduates continues to increase every year,students are facing tough competition amidst a shaky economy in Malaysia. This issue has been a phenomenon to the current news as it has been aired on the television, newspaper, social media and others agency. This show how serious this issue to our society.
There are a lot of factors on why are graduates being unemployed even long after their graduation . The top reason for fresh graduate unemployment are too choosy about the job/company , they have a poor attitude or character , lack of communication skills and lack of English proficiency. On the employee and company point of view, they are too strict in selecting their worker and choose not to take fresh graduates and they tend to be looking more to experience or skilled worker such as worker from other companies.
Graduates who are unemployed will face mental stress in life given by family members and society. They will also have no self-esteem .The fresh graduates who do not have any source of savings or income will having a financial problems.As a result of the financial problems faced by unemployment, they are able to engage in activities such as robbery, murder and so on to earn money.


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