Jackson candle turbidimeter is the first standard turbidity measurements

Jackson candle turbidimeter is the first standard turbidity measurements.The main aim of turbidity sensor is to detect the suspended particles present in the water.This is achieved by measuring level of turbidity.It is one of the essential parameter to check the water quality.Turbidity also indicates the degree at which the water losses its transparency.Most of the turbidity forms in open water.This causes the growth of phytoplanktons.Due to human activities the sedimental level is increased in the water bodies.If the turbidity level is higher in the drinking water,there will be a chance of water affected by gastrointestinal diseases.The principle used for turbidity sensor is nephelometry.There are different units to measure the level of turbidity.If the water is murky,then the value of water is 25 NTU.If the water is visibly cloudy,then the value of water is 5 NTU.Light weight,low power consumption are the advantages of turbidity sensor.


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