Journal from the perspective of Justine Moritz I do not know the outcome of my fate

Journal from the perspective of Justine Moritz

I do not know the outcome of my fate, what the future holds whether it be justice or death, I shall embrace it. I know my truth, I did not kill William, but the people of the town look for a finger to point for this truly gruesome murder. I do not blame them, William was a most beloved boy whose fate was cruel, unjust, and wrong. Williams morals and childlike innocence was a model for our town, and his death represents the death of everyone’s innocence. The people are angry and demand a punishment, and due to my ill fate, it is I who faces the judges. Tomorrow when I arrive in court I will be only me. I have no plan or strategy to try and win the opinions of the jury. If they cannot see the truth in me and the earnest sadness I feel for the loss of William then so be it, I shall perish. But I put my faith in the people of my town and justice to shed light on the truth and my innocence. The arrival of Victor after his long turmoil with illness is a pleasant surprise but not one strong enough to cast light on the shadow over my soul. I feel excitement for his family as they now have reassurance that their son and brother is alive. After the death of Caroline just prior to Victor’s departure, another illness caused death in their family will tear them apart. Along with my departure from the household, I can only imagine the sense of emptiness the family feels in our home. As I am aware of my own innocence, my mind has been wandering where no other townsfolk minds have wandered. Who was the true murderer of William and why? There are so many questions floating through my mind with answers of the most value. However, I look forward to the next day, and pray for my safety. I have no control over my fate and what happens will happen. I shall live or I shall die. I have come to peace with this.