Main Concept In human psyche

Main Concept
In human psyche, greek mythology is deeply embedded and has a lasting influence on Euro-American culture.
Supporting Details
Greek myths have impacted the structures of literature and provide different perspectives to a subject
In popular media, the mythology is sown into daily attributes such as names of peoples and cities.
Between every culture is a different perspective on these myths, and they can depend on race, country, and even age

Chapter 10: It’s More Than Just Rain or Snow
Main Concept
Weather is known to acquire a connotation or meaning behind it’s input and it sets the scene and mood of the piece.
Supporting Details
Rain is Never just Rain
Nature that is placed within the text is there for a reason, as such
rain=purification, the cleansing, a baptism, fertility
snow=purity, cleanliness, cold, baren
fog=confusion, cannot be seen clearly
It is used as plot devices, an irony, to set out the environment in which the reader must decipher

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