s Asoka considered ruthless or enlightened

s Asoka considered ruthless or enlightened? A king by the name of Asoka, who was loved by the god, ruled from 268 BCE to 232 BCE. He ruled the Mauryan Empire, which included, now known as Bangladesh, and Pakistan. He conquered many lands during his rule, but Kalinga was the one he felt most remorse for. He brutally killed 100,000 people during the war, and 100,000 people die, because of hunger, and disease. He was finally finished conquering all the enemies he had, with brutal wars. He felt very remorse, so he was seeking a guru or teacher, for enlightened. After he found a guru or Buddha, the guru told Asoka to sit at the Bolda tree. When he sat at the Bolda tree, he finally found enlightened just like the Buddha


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