The main character

The main character, the narrator, leads a life in the typical lifestyle of American culture where consumerism has a leading role. He suffers from insomnia and decides to attend support groups. He deeply feels the pains of the other people there. Meanwhile, he has an imaginary bond with an imaginary character called Tyler. They decide to start a fight club which turns out to be quite destructive. The fight club is based on the idea of achieving freedom from pain. The shoe above is a pair of boxing shoes. The colour is red which represents the blood shed in boxing. The white stripes on the shoes represent the innocence and sincerity as inborn characteristics of a human being. The brand, Nike, is an American one symbolising American consumerism against which the narrator is fighting. Modern society in America forces men to live consumerist lives centered around shopping, clothing and physical beauty which the narrator and members of the Fight Club rebel against.


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