The #YOLO (You Only Live Once)
You want to enjoy the things you really wanted. You make your plans to be checked out on your bucket list. You always hanging out with your friends like eating out on instagrammable restaurants, going to different places, spending your vacation on beaches, hiking and trekking, and going out for party at night. You make your day at its best and live life to the fullest because as what millennialsalways say “you only live once.”
The #OOTD (Outfit of the Day)
You are one of those who are always updated about the fashion trends. You care about the way you look everyday through not wearing the same outfit you wear yesterday and last weekend. You prefer pastel colors ratherthan neon colors because it makes you look even whiter and younger. You choose outfit that is more based on what you see on your favorite personality, model or sometimes from the fashion magazine or the Internet. You are very conscious in every single way of how you look. You do not want others to have the same outfit as yours, but you imitate others’ outfit styles and fashion preferences.
The #MyDayisLife
You are fond of keeping your daily activities posted on my day feature of your Facebook and Instagram account. You include texts which are quite irrelevant to the picture; emoticon and filters to enhance the quality of the picture. For you, a day is incomplete without the picture of your today’s activity and at the end of the day you notice that you created a series of happenings on your my day. Then, you are truly a certified #MyDayisLife.
The #TwitterxFacebookxInstagram
There is no day without a status and notification to your daily life. Status is liked, posts are shared, and direct messaging is heart. Your eyes are busy with reading a lot of threads, checking the trends and sharing the updates. Every notification is an alarm of new interest and new posts with whatever the caption you liked and shared among your followers and likers. Number of followers and likers is always count for you and sometimes you apply the rule of follow my account, then, I follow you back or vice-versa. It is important for you to gain a lot of likes, hearts or reaction because it is part of the social media life.
The #Messenger #NewSMS
You are usually using Messenger for your channel of communication. You are always online and if you cannot contact through text, a chat will do. You make Messenger as your new SMS because it is immediate for you to contact your friends, family and others. You chat every minute and spend a lot of hour going online while doing a task.
The #eBookisLife
Reading stories online then later on downloaded offline. This is you, you are a millennial. You read over and over and wait for your favorite author’s update about the story you are reading. You save several books on your library and spend not a just day but weeks to finish a certain book. You prefer to read on mobile phones for wherever you are, there you will be finding yourself focused on reading a book.

The #BingeWatcherxMovieLovers
No episode of English series, Korean dramas and Japanese Anime will be missed because you always have time to watch either all night or the whole day just to finish it. Indeed, you make time to watch the latest season or episode of your most awaited series or movies even during your busy schedule. You spend the day with completing the latest series or episodes on your favorite watch list and waiting for the showing of new release film in cinema or online.
The #VlogsxVlogger
You subscribe to different vloggers’ channel and never be getting late to their newest uploaded vlogs. You talk with people who have the same interest in vlogs and a day is full of vlogs, vloggers and vlog’s content. Surely, you are starting to do vlogging on your own and creating vlogs to be uploaded on your own channel. Also, it makes you to know more about lifestyle, fashion, cosmetics, make-up and especially the life of your favorite vlogger.

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